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Why 'The Silver Sixpence Curvy Bridal Boutique'?

My daughter announced her engagement early in 2019 then she said that the was 'terrified to go and look for a wedding dress'. She told me that she was frightened to go to the local shops for fear that she would be sent to the back of the shop where the larger size dresses are kept. Frustratingly, our first visit, we were sent to the side of the shop away from the small beaded and lace pretty dresses. I have become increasingly determined to provide a service where the bride has the confidence to enjoy the build up to her special day

Something old, Something new

Something borrowed, Something blue

and a lucky silver sixpence in her shoe

The Silver Sixpence Curvy Bridal Boutique, is a wedding dress boutique where the curvy bride can feel special, valued and not judged, while purchasing what will possibly be the most valued item of clothing that she will buy in her lifetime. I will provide a safe environment where she, her family and friends can feel comfortable in the knowledge that she will not be sent to the back of the shop to the ‘larger’ size dresses.

The boutique is aimed towards the curvier bride who is planning their wedding and wants to wear a traditional white/ivory wedding dress, our focus customer will be a younger woman who is marrying for the first time, this could be in a Christian service or a non-religious wedding, however this by no way exclusive. I will welcome brides of all ages and religion or none, regardless of how many times they have been married, I feel sure that I would be able to provide a bespoke service where they feel valued and important. I also intend to carry stock that may interest the less conventional and more fashion forward bride who are looking for something a little different from the traditional wedding dress, or in same sex couples where their partner is wearing a wedding dress and they wish for something to compliment this such as white trousers and a beaded bodies.

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