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It's been a little while since we've posted anything on our blog, but we've just given the whole website a bit of a refresh and it just felt ✨right✨ to jump on here and tell you all about it!

We've spent a while looking at our branding and website and the things we were putting out into the world, and feeling like they just aren't very us - you know? Everything was a little too clean. A little too pastel. A little too quiet.

So here we are! 💕⚡

We've had a little rebrand towards some bright, juicy colours that feel way more us, and we're leaning a lot more into just being... ourselves? We opened our boutique because we didn't like how the bridal industry was working and knew it needed revolutionising, but somewhere along the way we got a little bit sucked into "bridal".

Some new colours and fonts might not seem like a big deal, but it's a huge step towards being more like the boutique we imagined when we first set up three and a half years ago. I think the brides who have met us will agree that this feels right for us 🙌

So, a quick reintroduction!

We are Wendy💕 and Ellie⚡

Wendy and Ellie, the owners of the curvy bridal boutique, stood in front of a wall in bright pink and yellow.

(Isn't this photo amazing from Paylor Photography?! We told Rob the vibe was cringe 2000's CD covers and he NAILED it💪)

We are the joint owners of The Silver Sixpence, and outside of work we're also mother and daughter! Luckily, we get along great so we can make this crazy little dream work!


Favourite dress in the boutique: Liliana, because she does everything! She's a bit sparkly, a bit beady, a bit lacey, a great fit, can be lined or unlined and she has optional sleeves! A great all-rounder

Number of piercings: 11! 5 in each and one in my nose!

Favourite colour: Green! 💚

Number of tattoos: (1... 2... 3...) 10!

Favourite animal: Cats, in all their forms. Although, I do like a giraffe as well.

Number of cats: Too many! Angus, Lola, Alfie and Stan

Favourite choccy bar: Probably a galaxy ripple?


Favourite dress in the boutique: Alice! I'm a sucker for satin and it's SO silky soft, and I love the option of ivory or blush - perfect👌

Number of piercings: Just my ear lobes, I'm too much of a baby for anything else

Favourite colour: All of them! Except brown.

Number of tattoos: 8 with two more booked in!

Favourite animal: Elephants 🐘

Number of cats: Two! Ted and Oscar

Favourite choccy bar: Wispa gold! Mmm

Let us know your answers below and what you think of our new look, and keep an eye out for more posts from us soon!


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