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Introduction to The Silver Sixpence Curvy Bridal Boutique!

Hello! It’s so lovely to have you here for our first blog post! We’re so excited to share lots of news, photos, advice and tips for choosing your perfect dress, as well as lots of other wedding content! But first, I think you need to get to know us a little bit!

Together we are The Silver Sixpence Curvy Bridal Boutique – a unique place where brides can be completely themselves; feel respected, appreciated and beautiful; and have access to all the newest trends and styles that curvy bridal has to offer. We pride ourselves on our down-to-earth, supportive and comfortable appointments, with many of our past brides keeping in touch long after their weddings have past. We also love to do our little bit to shake up the industry slightly! Rebellious in nature, we do what we can at every opportunity to question the exclusion of curvy women from the bridal conversation, and we are pioneers in the Curvy Bridal Revolution.

Individually, we are Wendy and Ellie – the mother and daughter duo who own and run the boutique together.

Wendy is driven by a desire to provide curvy women with the positive and supported experience that they deserve when looking for their wedding dress. She champions the industrial shift towards accepting curvy women within bridal and fights hard to increase the visibility of curvy brides. When she’s not in the boutique, you’ll find her at home with the cats watching murder documentaries.

Ellie’s background is in psychology, and she is particularly passionate about promoting body confidence and body neutrality. There’s nothing Ellie loves more than meeting a bride who lacks confidence or feels nervous about finding her dress, and lending her some confidence so she can really enjoy her appointment and feel great about herself. When Ellie isn’t in the boutique, you’ll find her eating all the best food, hanging out with her new husband and keeping busy on the boutique’s social media!

So, now you know a little bit about us! Keep an eye out for our new posts, and let us know if there’s anything in particular you want to hear about from us!

Love Wendy and Ellie x

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