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Your Bridal Appointment

What to Expect from Your Bridal Appointment

Congratulations! You’ve got the glittery ring, you’ve picked your date and you’ve booked your venue, you’re all set for the best part – finding your perfect wedding dress, the most exciting piece of clothing you’ll ever wear! Now at this point you will probably be feeling one of two ways: either desperate to run into every bridal shop in your area (or the country!) and try on every wedding dress you can get your hands on, or full of dread and nausea at the thought of walking into one of those shops, and even worse having to put a dress on. Whichever bride you are, let’s just take a second to calm down, breathe, and have a chat about what you can expect when you come into our little boutique on the hunt for a dress.

Let’s start with the basics – how to come see us.

We operate appointments every single day of the week, just give us a call, an email or a message on Facebook to book yourself a slot. Our initial appointments are an hour and a half long, but you’re more than welcome to stay in the boutique for as long or as little as you want as long as we have no other appointments. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays we also allow for drop-in appointments, where you can pop in and try on some dresses then and there. Because we’re only a small boutique and we know how special and unique finding a dress is for each and every bride, we will only accommodate one bridal appointment at a time. If you come for a drop in and we have an appointment ongoing we’ll let you know and ask you to come back when we’ll be free. To ensure you can be seen at the time you want we do recommend booking an appointment wherever possible.

Deciding who to bring

Choosing a dress shopping entourage is a task for any bride, but especially if you have a big friend group and close-knit family – it’s tempting to want everybody there. As a general rule, we would recommend bringing your maid of honour and your mam, but with each unique bride comes a unique bridal party. There are no rules. Do you have a twin sister who couldn’t miss this special moment? A big group of friends who you love equally? Do you want your future Mr or Mrs to help you pick the dress for your big day? We’re a small boutique but we’ve had entourages of six and more, and we’ve had brides come in on their own. You want to bring with you the people you know love you, will be truly honest with you and will give you the support you need.

What should you wear?

We’ll be honest, we’ve seen a lot of women in their underwear at this point. We’ll be helping you in and out of dresses throughout the appointment, and sometimes if a dress doesn’t fit perfectly, your entourage might get a flash too, so you definitely want to put on some underwear that you don’t mind others seeing. To get a real feel for how the dresses will look on the day, we recommend wearing something like you will be on the day. If you know you’re going to be wearing flesh toned, seamless ‘suck you in’ underwear then try and wear that for your appointment. All of our plus size dresses have inbuilt bras and fantastic structure and support, so if you want to remove your bra you can, otherwise we would recommend a flesh toned strapless bra if possible. It’s not that we can’t do an appointment in fully black underwear, but don’t be surprised if it makes the dress look off-balance.

We also ask that all our brides be considerate with the amount of make up and fake tan they wear to appointments. We want you to look and feel fantastic, but our dresses and samples are very valuable to us as a store and keeping them all in beautiful condition is a full-time job on its own. Not to mention getting in and out of dresses is hard work and you don’t need to make that experience any warmer for yourself! Feel free to come ‘done up’, but try and keep it to a minimum.

First entering the shop

Okay, you’ve made it!

You walk into The Silver Sixpence and you’ll be greeted by either Wendy or Ellie, the mother/daughter duo in charge of running the boutique and finding you The One. We start each appointment with a chat to find out everything we can about your vision for the wedding and what you want from your dress. Armed with that knowledge we disappear for a little while to grab some juice, tea, biscuits, cake – whatever you and your entourage would like – and you’re left to have a good look through all of our gorgeous dresses and get a feel for what we offer. Don’t worry, you won’t be on your own too long before we’re back to guide you through all the decision making based on your style, budget and individual needs. Remember, this is our job and while we may pick out the one dress you saw and hated, it just might be the perfect dress for you… Or you might hate it, but then we’ll just take it off and pretend it never happened!

This is the perfect time to ask us any questions you’ve come armed with. We definitely recommend having a think about everything you want to know from us before you come in because, while we try and be comprehensive, we’ll inevitably forget to mention something obscure that you needed to know the answer to! To answer some of the most common questions:

· Yes, you’re absolutely allowed to take photos of the dresses while you’re fitting them on, just don’t laugh at us when we dive out of the way when the phones come out!

· We will talk you through the order process more during your appointment, but we ask for a 50% deposit when we order your dress and the remaining 50% when it arrives.

· We don’t have our own in-house seamstress, but we have a selection of local seamstresses who we can recommend for you.

Trying dresses on

The exciting bit! Together we have chosen a few dresses to get started and it’s time. The dressing room curtain get’s closed, you can hear your entourage on the other side waiting for you to come out in your first wedding dress and its… well a little bit daunting really. Our curvy ladies tend to have the same kind of thought process: ‘what if it doesn’t fit’. It’s okay, nothing bad happens if it doesn’t fit, we just take it off and try another. We stock dresses in a 12 to a 32 as standard, so we know there will be something for everybody. Wedding dresses tend to run smaller than other clothes, so don’t be surprised if you end up in a size you wouldn’t usually wear. Unlike a regular clothing shop, we don’t have each dress in every size (we’d need a much bigger shop if we were going to do that), so the dress you pick might not fit you perfectly. Don’t worry, we’re pros at pulling and tucking and clipping to show you how the dress would look in your true size.

It’s okay if you don’t like a dress

We can’t stress this one enough – if you put a dress on and hate it, you can tell us. It’s okay, we’re not the designers, you’re not going to hurt our feelings. As we’ve had to remind brides before, they’re just dresses, they’re not our children. If you think it’s ugly that’s fine. If you hate how it sits on your body that’s fine too. It’s okay to not like things, it’s really helpful if you can tell us that, and even better if you can tell us what it is you don’t like in particular.

Finding the one

Let me tell you a secret about bridal appointments: they’re hard work, physically and emotionally. Wedding dresses are heavy, and getting in and out of them is almost like a work out on it’s own, especially when you’re having to put on that one dress that you know you’re going to hate just to keep your future mother-in-law happy. And going through dress after dress and not having that feeling – you know the feeling everyone talks about when you find your dress – it’s exhausting. But nothing beats the feeling of going through all those dresses, comparing them to the first one you tried on, eliminating each as you go and thinking none of them will possibly beat it, and then there it is: The One.

You’ve done it! Hurray!

Once you know which dress it yours, the sooner you place your order, the more stress free the whole process will be. We can have dresses delivered in around 4 months, but we recommend at least 9 months in order to allow for any alterations. Once your dress arrives we’ll give you a call and then its all yours! 

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