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7 Myths About Finding Your Wedding Dress

Finding your bridal gown is a really exciting experience, but for a lot of curvy brides who come through our doors, it is also overwhelmingly stressful and intimidating. This isn't helped at all by the unrealistic ideas society tells us about the bridal shopping process! So here are 7 myths we hear all the time about wedding dress shopping, and what the reality is...

1. You should bring all the important people in your life to your appointment.

Let me tell you, as a bridal stylist, there's nothing worse than a bride turning up with the full extended family. We love it when our brides have loads of people wanting to support them, but bringing all of those people with you only makes your appointment stressful and chaotic, and makes choosing your dress a million times harder. Time and time again we have found the ideal number of guests is just two. Choose two people you know will be gentle and kind as well as honest, and who you trust to look after you when you're feeling vulnerable. We don't mind if those people are family, friends, or even your fiancé! There are no rules!

2. You need everybody's approval before you buy your dress.

This definitely follows on from the first point, but it's okay if not every person at your appointment loves the dress you love. Everyone has different tastes, especially when you're bringing people who are a different age to you, or experience the world in a different sized body. The only thing that matters when choosing your dress is whether or not YOU love it, and whether YOU feel amazing in it. Everyone else can keep their decisions to the outfits they will be wearing.

3. Your dress needs to match the vibe of your wedding.

The amount of times we have brides who find a dress they love and then ask us "but will a *insert style* dress suit a *insert style* venue?". It can be anything - a tea length dress in a manor house, a ballgown in a barn, a boho dress in a big church... at the end of the day, there are NO rules. As long as you're comfortable with your decision and you love the dress, who cares whether it matches the vibe? As long as all the parts of your wedding are authentic to you, does it matter if they're the kind of things people in the bridal biz would put together for a staged shoot? Your big day isn't a perfectly polished photoshoot, it's a day to celebrate your love with the people closest to you, regardless of whether you're wearing a huge sparkling ballgown in a tipi!

4. You can't choose a dress until you've seen ALL of your options.

This is a tricky one to tell brides, but there are literally infinite options. This is something we hear a lot from mams, who want to make sure you're certain about the dress you've chosen - which you 100% need to be, but try not to get sucked in to thinking about visiting every single shop and trying on every single dress. Once you've found a dress that makes you feel incredible, it's okay to stop looking. There will always be something else out there, but you can't look forever and you'll end up driving yourself crazy if you keep thinking like that. We have some brides who only try one or two dresses on before they say yes - as long as you've found a gown that makes your heart sing, it's okay to say yes!

5. You need to shop around 4 months before your wedding date.

This comes from a general rule in the wedding industry that says dresses take around 16 weeks after ordering to arrive in the boutique. Now, this has always been true, up until the events in recent years which have driven delivery times through the roof. Not only that, but you also need to factor in time for alterations to be made if needed - give them a few months and be aware of prom seasons which take up seamstresses time. We advise looking for your dress around a year before your wedding, not just to give you plenty of time, but also to give you a good idea of the weather and temperature you'll be contending with on your big day.

6. You'll 'just know' when you've found your dress.

Finding your perfect dress is a totally unique experience - some people cry, some laugh, some don't give anything away at all. Some people know as soon as they put it on, lots of people need to try it on three or four times before they decide it's their dress. We get told about this magical feeling you're supposed to get when you try on your dress - some brides tell us they get that feeling, others definitely don't. Don't be discouraged if you absolutely love the dress but haven't cried or got 'the feeling', you just might not be one of the brides that does and that's okay! It's unrealistic to expect every bride who finds a dress to experience the same thing, it doesn't change how much you love the dress or how incredible you're going to look.

7. You should lose weight for your wedding.

This should go without saying, but believe me when I say we hear this far too much in our boutique. If you want to lose weight for your wedding, that's absolutely fine, but if you're feeling the pressure to lose weight from your family, friends or society as a whole - that's a nope from me. Your wedding day has nothing to do with how big or small you look, and everything to do with how in love you are. And anyway, you'd just have everybody wondering who you are if you showed up at your wedding four sizes smaller, everyone there will love you for who you are right now, not if you lost a pound or two.

So there you go, our top 7 myths that brides get told about wedding dress shopping. What have you heard about dress shopping that you know isn't true, or that you want us to fact check for you? Let us know!

Keep shining lovelies!



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