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5 Things To Know Before Your Plus Size Wedding Dress Appointment

So, you have a bridal appointment booked with us to find the curvy bridal gown of your dreams – great! Now what? You don’t need to do anything before your appointment, this is not required reading, but I promise knowing these 5 things WILL help your appointment run smoother…

1. The dresses won’t fit – even if they’re in your size

Wedding dresses are totally different to your everyday clothes – they are structured, rigid and definitely don’t have stretch. I know, terrifying right?! Just kidding!

Once they’re altered to fit your body, they fit like a glove, but the unaltered sample dresses in the boutique are never going to fit perfectly. Plus, wedding dress sizes are totally naff.

Don’t panic, we’ll pull and fold and clip you in so it looks as amazing as it will once it’s yours, but you need to know that doing that is totally normal.

2. We will see your body

THE HORROR! Again, just kidding! You’re going to be trying gowns on and you’re going to need help strapping yourself in, so we are probably going to see backs and bums and boobs and bellies.

It’s easy for me to say, but you really don’t need to worry about it – we do this for a living and we see lumps, bumps and wobbly bits every day (not to mention we have plenty of them ourselves too!)

We let you get into the dresses yourself and we’ll only come into your changing room to strap you in when you ask us to, so we’ll only see you when you’re ready… basically, don’t stress about it, but also don’t be surprised when it happens!

3. You can’t complain that you can see your underwear if your underwear is black

“But I can see my underwear through this dress!” Well, are you planning on wearing full black briefs on your wedding day Karen?!

…But seriously, ARE you?

If you’ve made the decision that black bridal undies is the way to go, no judgement! In that case bring your black undies along for the appointment. But otherwise, leave them at home!

Our best underwear advice is to wear to your appointment whatever underwear you want to wear on your wedding day, then you’ll get a much better idea of whether your dress will actually work for you.

4. Think about the styles you want to try, because you WILL have options

This is another thing we hear a lot – “I haven’t really thought about what style of dress I want because I didn’t think you’d have that many”. This is probably true of most bridal shops, but we’re not most bridal shops!

We have lots of different styles, in lots of different sizes, in lots of different shapes, so have a think before your appointment if there’s anything you know you *need* to try.

5. Don’t let yourself forget to have fun!

This is the most important… just don’t stress! We’ll do what we can to keep it fun, but you have to let yourself enjoy it!

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat before your appointment, drop us a message! We love hearing from brides and getting to know you before your appointment!

Keep shining lovelies,



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