Do I need to book an appointment to try on wedding dresses?

Yes! Our boutique is a cosy place and we only offer our brides exclusive use of the space. In order to avoid disappointment, we ask all brides book their appointments in advance. While we might be able to provide appointments for walk-in brides, priority must be given to those who have booked in advance.


Do I need an appointment to look at accessories?

Yes. While we may be able to provide walk in appointments, if we already have a bride in the boutique, we will have to honour their exclusive use of the boutique and we would have to ask you to come back at the next available time. We appreciate that this is disappointing so to avoid this, we advise you book ahead.


How can I book an appointment?

There are lots of ways to get in touch to book an appointment:


How long does an appointment usually last?

Generally, a bridal appointment will last around an hour and a half. We allow some flexibility with our appointment times to ensure you’re not having to rush, but don’t worry – we will let you know if we have an appointment in after you and we’ll start to nudge you towards revisiting your favourite dresses towards the end of your appointment. If you think you will need more than an hour and a half appointment, for example if you have a physical disability, let us know when booking your appointment and we will be able to cater to this. 



What will my appointment be like?

Our appointments follow a very simple structure:

  1. When you arrive, we’ll have a discussion about what style you’re after, where you’re getting married, anything you know you want or don’t want, budget, etc!

  2. We’ll let you have a look through our stock to see if there’s anything that grabs your attention and we’ll make sure we try those dresses on during the appointment.

  3. We’ll get you trying on some dresses! Some will be chosen by you and your entourage, but we’ll choose some that we think will work for you as well.

  4. At the end of the appointment if we need to, we can revisit your favourite dresses to help you made a decision.


Our attitude to appointments is very light-hearted, understanding and relaxed. Size doesn’t factor into how we approach an appointment – an appointment with a size 14 bride will be identical to an appointment with a size 40 bride. We appreciate that searching for dresses can be nerve-wracking, uncomfortable and difficult – that’s why we opened the boutique – but we do everything we can to make sure your time with us is as fun as possible, and we never take ourselves too seriously. Our main aim is to make a bride giggle, and trust us, there is plenty of laughing in our boutique.


How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

We believe the magic number of guests is you and two others. Bring along your mam and your sister, or your best friends. We can cater for up to six in an entourage but bare in mind our boutique isn’t the most spacious. In our experience, the more people you bring with you, the harder it is to make a decision. The most important thing is to bring people with you who you trust, who want what is best for you, and who understand what you want and how you feel about your body. That last part is really important – we’ve had brides come in for secret appointments with us to choose a dress on their own or with just their sister, and then come in for their ‘real’ appointment later with the people in their lives who are less understanding of the curvy experience, when they’re confident they fit in here and they know what they want.


Can I bring children to my appointment?

While we prefer not to have children in the boutique, we understand that this isn’t always possible due to the complexities of daily life. If children will be at appointments, we ask that there is an adult who is not trying on gowns who will be able to supervise the children at all times. We have colouring pencils, notepads and even tiaras and veils for children to keep busy with, but in the event that the children are posing a risk to our stock or are behaving inappropriately, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the boutique.


Do you allow pets in store?

You are welcome to bring along any service animals you require who are trained to work inside of retail facilities. We kindly ask our customers don’t bring any pets or emotional support animals to the boutique.


How much do you charge for bridal appointments?

Currently, we do not charge any booking or styling fees.


Can I take photographs of dresses at my bridal appointment?

We allow our brides to take photos of their favourite dresses.


How many dresses will I be able to try on?

You can try on as many dresses as you want to! The only restriction we have is time. Our appointments are an hour and a half long, though we have a small amount of flexibility if needed. If you think you will need more than an hour and a half appointment, for example if you have a physical disability, let us know when booking your appointment and we will be able to cater to this. 


Do I need to bring anything with me to my appointment?

We recommend bringing along anything you know you will have with you on your wedding day. Perhaps you’ve already invested in your hairpiece, or you’ve made your own DIY bouquet, or you’ll be wearing your grandmas old veil – bring them with you! You’ll get a much better idea of what the whole picture will look like on your big day, and while we can improvise with bits we have in the shop, nothing compared to the real thing.


What should I wear for my appointment?

It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear for your appointment, but underwear is another story. We have a very simple rule for underwear – wear what you want to wear on your big day. If you know that you definitely don’t want to wear a bra, no problem! Trying on dresses without a bra will give you the best idea of how supportive they will be. If you know you’ll be wearing ‘sucky-in pants’, wear your sucky-in pants! Conversely if you know you’ll be rocking your comfiest ‘grannie knickers’ then don’t show up in a thong! Same goes if you know you want to wear chub rub shorts on your day – no problem, bring them along! We will almost definitely see your underwear during your appointment but don’t worry – we honestly don’t care what you come in as long as it’s what is right for you. You’ll be surprised how many brides come in black pants and worry about seeing them through a dress – unless you’re wearing black pants on your wedding day, don’t stress about it!


Can I wear make up for trying on dresses?

We definitely want you to feel comfortable and to feel like yourself. Generally we put our dresses on from the ground upwards, so make up on dresses tends not to be an issue. Still, we kindly ask that you wear a minimal amount of make up to your appointment in order to protect the gowns.





What price range are your bridal dresses?

Our gowns start at around £800, and range up to £3000. There are plenty of dress options for all budgets, and we also have our discounted range which start at just £99!


What size dresses do you stock?

The smallest dress we have in the boutique is a UK14, and we have every size up to a UK40. That said, we can order dresses from a size 8 through to a size UK48, so there really is something for everybody here.


I’m a size … can I come to your boutique?



Will your sample dresses fit me?

The nature of the having a small boutique with a size range as large as UK14-40, means that unfortunately not all of our dresses will fit everybody. This is as true for a size 14 bride who wouldn’t be able to try a size 40 gown, as it is for our size 40 brides who can’t try our size 14 gown. The other thing to remember is that sample dresses are a standard size – and there are so many differences between each person of each size, they never actually fit anybody perfectly.


Can I try on dresses that aren’t in my size?

Yes! Our goal is to have at least 10 dresses which will fit every bride who walks in our door, but with such a large size range there will likely be at least one dress you’ll want to try on which is outside of your size range. Don’t worry, we have plenty of industry tips and tricks that allow us to fit various dress sizes on our brides.


How often do you get new dresses into the boutique?

We are always cultivating our collection. Sometimes that’s a case of getting rid of our least curvy friendly dresses to make space for some perfect gowns, but generally we look to expand our collection and build on what we have. That said, if you find your perfect dress with us, we recommend placing an order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.




The Process


How far in advance should I order my wedding dress?

We recommend you start looking for a wedding dress 9-12 months before your wedding. This allows plenty of time to find the dress that is perfect for you, collect together your deposit, have us order and receive your gown, for you to collect it and then make any alterations that are necessary. The current lead time from the majority of our designers is around 4-5 months.


Will I need an alteration?

Yes! Every bride who has every walked through our door has needed their dress altered to be perfect for them. Whether that is shortening the length, adjusting the train, resizing the bust or some last-minute tucks and pulls to account for any size change, your dress will definitely need altering somehow.


Do you offer an alteration service?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have our own inhouse seamstress, however we do know a lot of local seamstresses, and we can give you the details of the ones we recommend. Alternatively, there are usually plenty of seamstresses in most areas if you’re travelling to us, so you won’t have any trouble finding someone in your area.


How far in advance should I order my accessories?

Accessories vary. Generally, we say it’s best to order all your bridal look at once because then you have a really good idea of what you’re getting and what the full picture is going to look like. However, if you have agonised over choosing the right dress for a while sometimes by the time you’ve made that decision, you’re all decisioned out! We understand this, so we also offer some time when you collect your dress to have a look at any accessories with it. Otherwise, you’ll need to make an accessory appointment and lead times can vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on the product.


How much deposit do I need in order to secure an order?

We ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% which allows us to place your order with the designer. We cannot place any orders until at least 50% of the total cost has been paid. We then ask for the other half when you collect your dress.


I want to lose weight, should I order a size smaller than I currently wear?

No! We know exactly how tempting this can be but really in this case you have two options that we might recommend: for a wedding in the next year, you should order your size and then have it taken in if you lose weight; or for a wedding in over a year, you can place a deposit to secure your order and then we will wait until 9 months before your wedding to do a remeasure and order the size you are at that point. You might still need adjustments but it’s so much easier to go down sizes if you do lose weight than it is to go up sizes if you don’t manage to lose weight. The last thing we want is a bride crying into their packet of crisps the night before their wedding because their dress doesn’t fit.