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The finishing touches... almost as important as the dress?

Well, almost!

When it comes to all things sparkly, pearly and glittery we've got you covered! From tiaras and headpieces to belts and veils, your bridal look isn't complete until you've nailed your accessories.

You don't even need to have bought your dress from us to come and explore our accessories collection!

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We have accessories from lots of different designers, to suit lots of different styles and meet lots of different price points. Within our collection, you'll find pieces from Richard Designs, Perfect Bridal Co, Linzi Jay, Ivory and Co, Warren York and Twilight Designs.


The most traditional addition, we have bridal veils to match any dress.

From long chapel veils with lace edging, to fingertip veils with scattered pearl detail, to delicate tulle bows - you'll find something to finish your look with us.

Let us guide you through the different fabrics, weights, lengths, colours and details to help you find your perfect veil.

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Bridal headpiece and bridal comb.png
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Are you a tiara girl? Do you prefer something a little more subtle? (can't relate)

No matter what you're style is, we'll have something for you, from pearly headbands to the sparkliest tiaras to something whimsical and botanical.


We have silver, gold, rose gold and everything in between. Big tiaras, small tiaras, chunky combs, delicate combs, long winding vines and subtle headbands - we'll find the perfect finishing touches to your bridal look.



"Does the dress need a belt?"... well, hopefully the answer is no! If it takes a belt to make you love your dress, it might not really be the right dress.

BUT, if adding a belt gives that finishing touch that brings your bridal look together, go for it!

We have belts for every style, with pearls and sparkles and a mixture of both, wide belts, skinny belts, thick belts and chunky belts.


Now listen, hoops (or petticoats) can be a scary concept. It's hard to imagine what they do when you've never worn one before. If we think your dress will benefit from one, we'll get you in one while during your appointment so you can see what they do. Until then, all you need to know is that they exist!

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