Firstly, let us say congratulations on your engagement and beginning your search for a wedding dress!


We are Wendy and Ellie, a mother/daughter duo, and together we run The Silver Sixpence - a boutique where we put curvy brides first. We are so excited to be at the forefront of the plus size bridal UK movement! 

Ellie announced her engagement in 2019, and with it announced how scared she was of going to find a wedding dress. Naturally, as her mam, Wendy wanted her to have the most wonderful experience, and became more and more frustrated with how few options curvy brides are given. 

This is where The Silver Sixpence was born, from a determination to give brides a space where they can feel comfortable and confident, and can fully enjoy the run up to their special day regardless of their dress size. 

Both Wendy and Ellie are experienced curvy women, and so we really understand the concerns and needs of our plus size brides. We use this to inform all our decisions from stock to how we treat our brides in appointments. Most importantly, we believe in bringing our brides into our little family for their appointment, welcoming each and every bride with warmth and empathy.

To get a feel for our designers, have a look at our bridal designers here!

We just can't wait to welcome you into our little piece of curvy heaven, and one of the only specific plus size bridal boutiques in the UK!

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Hello, I'm Wendy!


I live with my husband of almost 30 years, and we share our home with four rescue cats, which can be a little chaotic at times! Christmas is always interesting.

I have a daughter named Ellie, she works in the boutique with me and you can meet her below! 

We also have a son, Rob, who is married to the lovely Becky. They are also in the wedding business but they went down the photography route! Paylor Photography - here's a link for you to click and to have a look at their work.


And I'm Ellie!

I also live in Brotton with my husband, but we only have two rescue cats... at the moment anyway!

I have a degree in Psychology, but have recently turned all of my attention to working in the boutique. You'll often find me looking after social media and trying on the dresses in the boutique!

I'm really passionate about body positivity, curvy confidence and helping to empower women to feel amazing about themselves.